Friday, 30 October 2009


A man was pulled over for driving too fast, even though he thought he was driving just fine.

Officer: You were speeding.
Man: No, I wasn't.
Officer: Yes, you were. I'm giving you a ticket.
Man: But I wasn't speeding.
Officer: Tell that to the judge! (The officer gives man the ticket.)
Man: Would I get another ticket if I called you a jerk?
Officer: Yes, you would.
Man: What if I just thought that you were?
Officer: I can't give you a ticket for what you think.
Man: Fine, I think you're a jerk!

Thanks, Juan!

I have seen your work... Thanks a lot, on Monday we must tell Santiago to add it to the School's net!

Hope the rest of the students join in, I sent them an invitation!

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Her name is Violeta। She is 17. She lives in Mejorada del Campo. She likes listening to music and dancing. I think that she is very good at dancing. She´s good at cooking, I hope that she invites me soon.

She hates people who lie, me too. Her favourite place is Paris, she thinks that it´s a beautiful place. I would like to go to Paris with her.

She´s special because she´s sincere. Her friends love her. I like her clothes. I met her last year at high school.

18. Violeta describes Mariana

18. Violeta describes Mariana

Her´s name is Mariana, she is 17 years old, she is very sweet. She comes from another country, Romania.

Now she lives in Mejorada del Campo, she is studying Science Bachillerato, she is a very good student.

She likes listening to music ,and going out with her friends. She is good at playing tennis. She gets good marks at sports.

She doesn´t like getting up in the morning she hates it ,and she also hates History.

Her special place is Romania because she was born there.

She is a special person because she likes helping people. She is a wonderful person.

19. Sofia describes Alba:

19. Sofia describes Alba:

Her name is Alba, she is 16 years old and she lives in Mejorada del Campo a village near Madrid .She likes painting and she is very good at it. The thing she hates most is cleaning her house. She’s been to London, so she remembers that city as a very special place for her. Her friends think of her that she’s very close to them, that makes her very special thought.

25. Alba describes Sofía:

25. Alba describes Sofía:

Her name is Sofía, she is eighteen years old .She lives in Mejorada.

She is tall and slim .She has got black and long hair .She is wearing a black T-shirt, jeans and black shoes.

She is good at English .Her favourite hobby is going shopping .She hates cleaning her house.

Her special place is her village in Romania.

She is special, that’s why her friends think she is funny.

16. Adrian describes David:

16. Adrian describes David:

His name is David, He has been my friend since we were kids. He had changed a lot. We aren´t best friends now but we are special friends...
He likes smoking now, me too, it's a vice. Since kid, he is good at drawing, I have got pictures created by him. He hates getting up early to go to High School.
Las Charcas it's a special place for him, because he always goes there when he has to think about anything.
He is special for me because he has known me since we were kids, and he knows many of my secrets.

5. David describes Alba:

5. David describes Alba:

Her name is Alba, she is sixteen years old, she likes dancing and she goes to Dance Lessons three times a week.
She is good at combing her hair, she wears a different hairstyle every day. She hates people who lie. Her special place is the Council because there, she is with her boyfriend and her friends. She is a very very loving person

8. Alba describes Adrian:

8. Alba describes Adrian:

His name is Adrian, he is sixteen years old. He lives in Mejorada del Campo, a village near San Fernando. He loves laughing and making other people happy. He is good at helping people when people need him. He hates people who lie to others and who lie to him. The Nations´ Park is his favorite place to stay, because when he was a child he spent a lot of time there।
He is a special person for me because he has something which makes him special. He helps me and the others when we need it .
He's a good boy and a good person.

11. Rubén describes Pablo:

11. Rubén describes Pablo:

His name is Pablo, he is 16 years old, he lives in Mejorada del Campo. He likes watching funny films and he is very good at playing football. He hates studying.

His village is his favourite place. He is my best friend because he can listen to his people when they are worried.

24. Pablo describes Rubén:

24. Pablo describes Rubén:

His name is Ruben, he’s 15 years old, he likes going out with his friends and he loves playing football and he’s good at playing console games.

The thing than he hates most is doing his homework even though he prefers staying in his room, it’s his favourite place. He is one of my best friends because he’s a teaser, but he is too crazy when we goes out with our friends.

22. Patricia describes Laura:

22. Patricia describes Laura:

My friend Laura, is 15 years old, she lives in Mejorada del Campo with her parents and her sister.

She has got a bird called Sabi.

She is tall and brown and her hair and eyes are brown.

Her favourite food is spaghetti and she in her free time she likes reading and sitting in front of her pc.

She is good at drawing and painting pictures of her own.

She hates washing the dishes and tiding her room.

Her favourite place is Manzanares town.

Laura is a reserved person but when the rest of the people meet her, she changes a lot.

Generally speaking, Laura is very close to her friends.

15. Laura describes Cristina:

15. Laura describes Cristina:

Her name is Cristina, she is 17 years old, and she has brown eyes. She lives with her parents and her brother, called Ivan.

She goes to school everyday and I meet her in the Oral English class and Religion class.

She has got a tortoise called Raffaello.

She has lived in Mejorada del Campo since she was born.

Cristina likes going out with her boyfriend and she is good at cooking Spanish omelette but she has never invited me to have a try!

She hates people who are mean and her special place is Paris, and the thing which makes her special, is that she is a left handed person, but I think that she is special because she is very nice and she loves other people a lot.

Cristina, I love you. ( L )

2. Cristina describes Patricia:

2. Cristina describes Patricia:

My friend Patricia is 18 years old. She lives in Mejorada del Campo with her parents and her brothers. She has got a dog, called Yanis.

She is tall and slim. Her eyes are brown. She has had a boyfriend for 3 years. His name is Alvaro.

She likes eating paella with her boyfriend.

She is good at cooking canelonni.

Her special place is New York, but she has never been there.

Patricia is special because she is very happy!