Thursday, 10 December 2009

Class Diary


Today we have read a photocopy. The teacher has asked our about our last holiday. We spoke about movies, anecdotes and our last holiday. We had learnt vocabulary as foreigner, compulsory …
The teacher has said that we should speak more and we should do this text.
I have spoken about my holiday in Málaga and my friends about films and anecdotes.

Today the teacher has correct my homework. He has distributed other photocopies. We have read photocopies and have translated the vocabulary what we haven´t understood.
We have spoken about the farms and intensive farming.

Today we have watched a film. It´s funny and we laughted. The films is a boy who hasn´t got money, he splits up with his wife and he has got one son.
One day he bought a scratcher and he won a lot of money. He wants to help the people.

Last week the teacher didn´t go to class because he felt dizzy and he had a temperature.
Today we went to “informática” but the computers didn´t work properly We went to class and we were speaking about thing in our free times and leant a few vocabulary.

Today we have been in audiovisuals, we have watched a film. The film is good. It´s the man who wants to quit smoking, because he doesn´t want to die.
When the film ended we have spoken about the vocabulary.

Today we have gone to “informática”. It is a room with computers. We couldn´t use to computers because Internet went very slow. But the teacher put his screen for us to be able to see the news.

Today we have spoken about yesterday´s news. A woman Miller who won “The Novel Prize”. After that the teacher asked us about our holidays, places, good …And we have read “baby cakes”, at ale.

Today the teacher gave vocabulary we have watched a film and we have spoken about it´s vocabulary. The teacher said that we have to create a dialogue for the following days and we will have to pass. We will have to speak about our life, farms, Karma …

Today, we have shown the compositions that we have got to do. Two girls have performed theirs and they have spoken about traditional things in Spain. The teacher has said that we should look for the tickets to go to Dublin. We ´re very happy.
(The missing lessons have been dealing with history and we haven´t done nothing in special, because we have spoken about historical subjects. And one day we went down to the computers rooms.)

Yesterday, we did a listening and speaking. The teacher said that we will do a dialogue in paisand we will talk about a discussion, an argument, football, at a shop, buying a plane ticket …

Today, the teacher has put a song. We have listened to the music and had to understand it. The song is beautiful and relaxing.

Today, we have watched a film, it´s name is “My name is Earl”, it´s a very funny comedy. The teacher has also given out some vocabulary, for us don´t understand the dialogues.

by A. Y. A.