Thursday, 28 January 2010

Interviewing a Foreigner:

Hello! Could I ask you a few questions?

1. Where do you come from? ________________________________________________________________

2. What did you think of Spain before your visit? (Have you been deceived or not?) ________________________________________________________________

3. How long have you been in Spain?/ How long have you planned to stay here? ________________________________________________________________

4. Why are you here in Spain? Why did you choose Spain? What things did you know about Spanish life, culture, sports… before coming? ________________________________________________________________

5. Who are you here with? ________________________________________________________________

6. What places have you already been to?/ What place do you already know about? ________________________________________________________________

7. What do you like most of Spain (from your experience or from your previous data)? ________________________________________________________________

8. What is the food that you enjoyed most (or you would like to try)? ________________________________________________________________

9. Are Spaniards too different to the people in your country? Which way? ________________________________________________________________

10. What do you think about bullfighting? ________________________________________________________________

11. What do you miss from your country? (food, people, landscape…) ________________________________________________________________

12. Are you planning to stay, would you visit Spain again? Why? ________________________________________________________________

13. What do people think in your country about Spain? ________________________________________________________________

14. Would you live here? Why? ________________________________________________________________

Thanks for your time!!!