Thursday, 5 November 2009

4. Noelia describes Raquel

My friend´s name is Raquel, she is sixteen, she used to live in a village of Ciudad Real but she moved to Mejorada del Campo and here I met her. She lives with her parents and her brother. Her favourite food is spaguetti, she likes swimming and she loves going out with her friends.

She cooks well and she hates Heavy Metal music. She has a special place, and this place is her village (Argamasilla de Alba, C.R.) because her friends and her family live there. She is always smiling, that makes her special.

3. Paloma describes Alba

Alba is my oldest friend. I met her when I was three years old. She likes travelling. She loves getting to know new places.

For her, the most special place was London. We went there last year as an end of school trip. We were in a funny hotel, there were a lot of Spanish people..

She hates doing sport. She hates walking the dogs too.

She is good at telling stories. Her stories are very romantic, they sometimes make me feels sad.

She is special for me because she is the only truly friend, her humour sense is the best!

She watches a new film everyday... this is her hobby.

2. Cristina describes Patricia:

My friend Patricia is 18 years old. She lives in Mejorada del Campo with her parents and her brothers. She has got a dog, called Yanis.

She is tall and slim. Her eyes are brown. She has had a boyfriend for 3 years. His name is Alvaro. She likes eating paella with her boyfriend. She is good at cooking canelonni.

Her special place is New York, but she has never been there. Patricia is special because she is very happy!

1. Patricia describes Laura

My friend Laura, is 15 years old, she lives in Mejorada del Campo with her parents and her sister. She has got a bird called Sabi. She is tall and brown and her hair and eyes are brown.

Her favourite food is spaghetti and she in her free time she likes reading and sitting in front of her pc. She is good at drawing and painting pictures of her own. She hates washing the dishes and tiding her room. Her favourite place is Manzanares town.

Laura is a reserved person but when the rest of the people meet her, she changes a lot. Generally speaking, Laura is very close to her friends.


He likes playing videogames and he likes playing basketball too. He’s good at playing billard. He hates high school, his special place is the “local” and he’s special in smoking fast.

21. Alicia describes Patricia

My friend is Patricia. She is 18 years old, she has got brown, long and curly hair, she has got brown eyes and she is tall, slim and very beautiful. She lives in Mejorada del Campo, Madrid with her parents and her brothers. She has had a boyfriend for three years, his name is Álvaro.

She likes going to the cinema and she is going out with her friends, but she hates doing homework and studying.

Her favourite food is paella and she doesn’t like eating beans. She plays tennis every week because it’s her favourite sport, and she doesn’t mind playing football with her boyfriend. Her hobbies are painting, dancing and singing and she loves going out with her friends and her boyfriend.

Her special place is New York and because of that she would like to visit the city. Patricia is a special girl because she always helps you when you are in need.

20. Raquel describes Noelia

She is Noelia, she is 16, but she is very mature for her age, she lives in a flat in Mejorada del Campo, with her parents and her brother, she has had a boyfriend for almost 2 years, her favourite food is rice and she doesn´t mind what with: tomato, eggs... Her favourite sport is dancing, and she dances every week, her hobby is going out with her friends.

She is a very good dancer, she hates people who shout too much. Her special place is her village´s house because she was brought up there. She is special because she always thinks in positive, and she always knows how to make you smile.

17. Juan describes Claudio

My friend is the best football player in Madrid, I would like you to know this. Other hobbies, that he has, are: playing F1 video games, going out with his girlfriend and listening and composing hip hop and rap music. So, he is a very busy and interesting person.

He is very good in playing computer games, specially F1 , where he is racing in a online championship, in the GP2 cathegory. Next season, he is going to race in the F1 cathegory.

He doesn’t usually hate things, but if someone gets on his nerves he gets angry and he might hate everything. He would like to travel or visit all the F1 circuits, pecially Spa-Francochamp, Suzuka and Monaco. He is the most fanatic fan of F1 in the world!.

15. Laura describes Cristina

Her name is Cristina, she is 17 years old, and she has brown eyes. She lives with her parents and her brother, called Ivan. She goes to school everyday and I meet her in the Oral English class and Religion class. She has got a tortoise called Raffaello.

She has lived in Mejorada del Campo since she was born. Cristina likes going out with her boyfriend and she is good at cooking Spanish omelette but she has never invited me to have a try!

She hates people who are mean and her special place is Paris, and the thing which makes her special, is that she is a left handed person, but I think that she is special because she is very nice and she loves other people a lot.

14. Raúl describes Víctor

His name is Víctor. He is sixteen. He lives in a city in Madrid Province called Mejorada del Campo, with his parents and his brother, who is younger than him.

He is tall and thin, he has got brown eyes and short black hair and he is very nice and funny.

His favourite food is Spanish Omelet but he can´t cook it though he can cook spaghetti.

His likes playing football and he plays as a goalkeeper and his favourite team is Atlético de Madrid.

His hobby is going out with our friends and he goes out everyday, but when he has to study, he stays at home because he is a good student.

He is good at playing Playstation games and he always beats me.

He hates tiresome people and he dislikes lentejas (lentils).

His special place is his village (Granátula, C.R.) because he has a nice time when he goes there.

He is special because he has a snake, and he is good person and very close to our friends.

13. Claudio describes Juan

My friend is one of the best basketball player of the south-east of Madrid. He likes listening to dance music and going out with his friends and girlfriend a lot. He also likes creating webs.

He is good at a lot of sports because he usually goes to the gym. He likes studying too but he likes specially Maths. He is like a Romeo because he is a flirting person.

He hates football and hockey because they are a very hardcore sports. He would like to go to USA because there you can find the best basketball players in the world. They are playing in NBA. He is a very good basketball player and because of it, he is very special.


He likes playing basketball. I think that he`s good. He hates violence and getting up early, his special place is The United States of America. He`s special because he likes helping people.

10. Mariana describes Patricia

Her name is Patricia। She´s 16। She lives in Mejorada del Campo. She is studying in Miguel Delibes 1st of Bachillerato.

She likes listening to music. She listens to all kind of music but heavy-metal. She is good at high school. She hates playing football and she hates watching it on TV.

Her favourite place is Denia in Alicante. She likes going there because of the beach. She is special because she likes reading books about the past though she hates studying history.

11. Rubén describes Pablo

His name is Pablo, he is 16 years old, he lives in Mejorada del Campo. He likes watching funny films and he is very good at playing football. He hates studying.

His village is his favourite place. He is my best friend because he can listen to his people when they are worried.

7. Victor describes Raúl

7. Victor describes Raúl:

His name is Raúl. He is sixteen. He lives in Velilla de San Antonio, which is a town to the South of Madrid, with his parents and his little brother, but he comes to Mejorada del Campo some afternoons to meet our friends, he is very close to our friends.

Raul is tall, he has got brown eyes and short black hair. He is very funny and nice.

His favourite food is spaghetti and he likes cooking them too much.

He likes playing football and he is fan of Atletico de Madrid, just like me.

His hobbies are playing paddle and tennis, another of Raul’s hobbies are cars and motorbikes.

He is good at playing paddle because he plays it every Friday with his uncle.

He hates studying and doing homework.

His special place is Cádiz, because he went there last summer and he had a nice time.

He is special because he has a beautiful blue and black motorbike and he is extremely funny and nice.

6. ALBA dercribes PALOMA

I’ve known Paloma since I was 3 years old. First, we weren't friends, but when we were 9, we got to be very good friends. She is blond at the moment and she is tall too. She has always lived in Mejorada. Paloma likes eating chips and she loves dancing in the disco.

I always go with her to cinema to watch scary movies, she likes those films. Paloma hates running because it makes her feel tired, but she doesn't really get tired as quickly as me. She is good at painting, she painted such a powerful angel… and it was so beautiful!

Her special place is Alicante, where she goes on holidays, I went with her twice in Summer and it is great, there, we stayed with her grandmother, who makes great salads. She is special because she has got imagination and she is always happy and never sad. She is talkative and intelligent.