Sunday, 24 January 2010

Interview- Noe y Raquel

What would you ask a foreigner coming to visit Spain?

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Hello! Can I do some questions?

1.Where are you from?
2.How much time have you been in Spain?
3.Do you like Spain?
4.What did you like more of Spain?
5.What have you eaten in Spain?
6.What is the food that you have enjoyed most?
7.What do you prefer: the food of you country or the food of Spain?
8.What did you visited in Spain?
9.What places would you like visit?
10.Do you appear interesting our museum...?
11.What are the difference with you country?
12.What is the thing that most impress when you came to Spain?
13.What did you think of Spain before of visit? Have you deceived or you have like more?
14. where there is more party in your country or in Spain?
15.would you come to Madrid or you visit other city of Spain?

Interview -- R. Dorel , M. Claudio

Interview To A Foreigner
  1. Hello, Can I make you some cuestions about my country ?
  2. Where are you from ?
  3. Do you speak spanish ?
  4. It's a difficult language ?
  5. How old are you ?
  6. When did you come to our country ?
  7. For how long are you going to stay ?
  8. Do you have family here ?
  9. If you had a children they will go here to live and to school ?
  10. What do you like most about spanish food : Paella, Spanish Omlette, or both ?
  11. What did or do you like this kind of food ?
  12. Does you family like this kind of food ?
  13. Do you like spanish people ?
  14. What do you like about it ?
  15. Are the spanish people like people in your country ? or are they look like most of people from your country ?
  16. Talking about sports, what kind of sports do you like ? (he like football)
  17. What team do you like ? (Liverpool)
  18. What do you think about they new player "Maxi" who come from Athletico de Madrid ?
  19. What do you think about Real Madrid ? And Barcelona ?
  20. Talking about your visit to our country, what are you going to visit ?
  21. Which city would you like to visit ?
  22. Are you satisfied with our country ? (Yes i like it very much )
  23. Are you going to visit our country again ?
  24. Thanks for your amability and your patience.
  25. ( For nothing thanks you to ) Good Bye
  26. Bye Bye