Sunday, 24 January 2010

Interview- Noe y Raquel

What would you ask a foreigner coming to visit Spain?

Make your comments:

Hello! Can I do some questions?

1.Where are you from?
2.How much time have you been in Spain?
3.Do you like Spain?
4.What did you like more of Spain?
5.What have you eaten in Spain?
6.What is the food that you have enjoyed most?
7.What do you prefer: the food of you country or the food of Spain?
8.What did you visited in Spain?
9.What places would you like visit?
10.Do you appear interesting our museum...?
11.What are the difference with you country?
12.What is the thing that most impress when you came to Spain?
13.What did you think of Spain before of visit? Have you deceived or you have like more?
14. where there is more party in your country or in Spain?
15.would you come to Madrid or you visit other city of Spain?


  1. M.I. y P.U.I.
    1.Where are you from?
    2.What are you doing here?
    3.What do you know about Spain before come here?
    4.Have you got family here?
    5.What is your favourite Spanish food?
    6.Do you like flamenco music?
    7.What do you think about bullfight?
    8.What do you miss from your country?
    (cuando nos vaya contestando hacemos más preguntas)


    - Hello ,how are you?
    - Where are you from?
    - why are you here in spain?
    - what do you think about spain?
    - what do you like from spain?
    - what would you like to visit?
    - have you ever been before ?
    - what is your favourite food?
    - how much time are you going to stay here?
    - do you plan to go back?
    - with whom do you come?
    -ok. Enjoy you visit , bye bye


  3. P.V, A.G, R.J

    Hi, could I ask you a few questions?
    I want to know where you are from?
    Why are you here? It’s because of work or holidays?
    What do you think about Spain?
    How much time are you going to spend here?
    How have you came here with?
    What would you like to visit here?
    What do you miss about your country?
    Have you ever been in Spain before?
    What’s your favourite food from Spain?
    Which is your favourite place in Spain?
    Do you miss your country?

  4. J.V. y L.C.M.P

    - Hello, can I ask you some questions?
    - Where are you from?
    - Why did you come here?
    - Do you like Spain?
    - How much time do you'll stay here?
    - Where do you prefer live, here or in your country?
    - What’s the best thing what do you like from your country?
    - What food do you like more?
    - What do you think about Spanish people?
    - So, what’s your opinion about Spain?

  5. CE Y PA
    - ¿De dónde eres?
    Where are you from?
    - ¿Por qué elegiste España?
    Why do you Spain?
    - ¿Te ha recomendado alguien este país?
    Did somebody recomend you this country?
    - ¿Qué es lo que mas te ha gustado?
    What have you liked most?
    - ¿Has venido aquí para visitar el país o para quedarte?
    Have you come here to visit the country or to stay?
    - ¿Qué echas de menos de tu país?
    Do you miss your country?
    - ¿Qué piensas de España?
    What do you think about Spain?
    - ¿que comida te gusta mas?
    What are you favourite food?
    - ¿qué comida hechas de menos de tu país?
    What is the food that you miss most from your country?
    - ¿has entrado ya al museo? ¿que es lo que mas e ha gustado?
    Have you already visited the museum? What do you liked most?
    - ¿te lo estas pasando bien?
    Are you having a nice time?

  6. 1- How much time do you stay in Spain?
    2- When do you come to Spain?
    3- How have you come with?
    4- What do you opinion have of Spain?
    5- What do you think about spanier?
    6- Where do you come from?
    7- How do you like of Spain?
    8- Have you visited other places for Spain?
    9- What places do you like to visit?
    10- Do you like bulls?
    11- What food do you like to Spain?
    12- What parties do you like to Spain?
    13- What is your job?
    14- What do expectative have you in Spain?
    15- What are you miss for your country?

    A.Y.A and V.R.

  7. 1. Where are you from?
    2. Why do you come to Spain?
    3. Is the first time you come to Spain?
    4. Who did you come with?
    5. What would you like to do in Spain?
    6. What do you know of Spain?
    7. What places would you like to visit?
    8. What are the differences between Spain and your country?
    9. What do you think about the exposition in Prado Museum?
    10. What Spanish’s traditions have you liked most?
    11. How long are you going to stay in Spain?
    12. Do you like Spanish’s food?
    13. What think in your country about Spain?
    14. Would you like to come to live in Spain?
    15. Would you come back to our country?

    V.G.V. y R.P.A.

  8. 1.- Where are you from?

    2.- What did you wanted to know from Spain? Have you already seen it?

    3.- Why have you come to Madrid?

    4.- What have you visited? What will you visit?

    5.- Have you eaten Spanish food? What do you think about it? Did you like?

    6.- Do you think that your culture is much different at ours?

    7.- Are you studying , working or spending your holidays?

    8.- Do you think that Spain is expensive?

    9.- Which food do you prefer, Spain food or your country food?

    10.- Has Spain impressed you or has it deceived you?

    11.- Have you hanged out in the night? Spanish FIESTA?

    12.- Who have you come with?

    13.- Did you thought that all of us were bullfighters?

    14.- Have you been in another city from Spain?

    15.- How much time are you going to spend in Spain?