Thursday, 6 May 2010

We asked foreigners many things about their trip to Spain, we asked about their country, their favourite food, the differences between their country and our country, and many more things …
The people interviewed were from different countries, like for example Russia, California, USA, Japan…
Each person spoke in a different way
We looked for foreigners in the Prado´s museum, Retiro park… we got profit from the morning’s work and we rode on a boat met a lot of people from other cultures…
After the interview we went to an exposition of photography.
We enjoyed very much with this excursion and learned more English, now we know what other people think of us, and of our culture, food…We would like to repeat this experience.



  1. We asked a Russian woman in the Prado Museum, she didn’t like bullfighting and she wouldn’t live here. There, we asked a man who was from the USA, he wanted to answer us in Spanish because he had lived in Gibraltar in the 70’s. In the Prado’s Museum we found a couple, the man was from New York and she was from London. They love Spain and if they could live here they would do so.
    When we finished asking them we went to the Retiro park, where we found a couple from Japan who love Spanish passion (that is what they told us), we rode on a boat and we gave ourselves a treat.
    We were coming back to the museum when a Dutch boy asked us for light, and so we interviewed him. He told us that he had lived in Ibiza for 10 years and he loved Spain.
    We went with the class to Caixaforum and it was a sad exposition.
    Then we went for lunch and we came back home.

  2. Yesterday in the school trip we found very nice people , but we also found some tough ones who said they didn´t want any questions. Almost everyone spoke Spanish and this helped us. At first we thought it would be difficult, but then it was very funny.

    We found a Polish girl who didn´t understand us and the interview stopped in the middle. They laughed a lot of with us and also understood us. Noone loves bullfighting.

    Then we went to McDonald´s....


  3. Well, we were with Patricia, Mariana and Violeta, and we had a very funny time. We started in the front of the museum interviewing a dutch woman. She was very sociable and she told us what she think about her experience in Madrid. After that, we tried to interview another people, but most of them didn't want to do it so we were going for a walk. When we arrieved at the backside of the museum we started to interview a lot of sociable people, which answered us very polite. It was a wonderfull experience. I can say that it was very important for me doing this, because I knew a lot of people, and what is most important we spoke english. I will want to do more schooltrips like this one. Well, thats all what we did, well...a lot of photos to.

    Muntean Claudio
    Juan Rac

  4. The trip to the Prado museum seemed very interesting and entertaining.
    We were at 10 in Queen Sofia museum and we had to take public transport to get there. Once there we headed to the Prado Museum to interview foreigners. During the morning we asked five people from different countries who told us their views of Spain and answered very kindly to all the questions we made them.
    We have learned that it is not so difficult to hold a conversation in English with others and to learn other languages which are very useful for us in the future.
    After completing the interviews we went to Mc Donald's for lunch and then headed to the meeting. Once there we visited the photo exhibition of the `09 Fotopres CaixaForum. Once the visit ended we returned home.


  5. We went to the Reina Sofia museum, because we had to meet Julio there to go to the Prado museum together.
    Then when we arrived there, Julio said that we could go to look for foreigners.
    I went to look for foreigners with Luis Carlos, Juan, Ruben, Álvaro, etc.
    The first foreigner we interviewed was a girl for Holand. I was surprised because she loves bullfighting. Then we went to eat something to McDonald’s, I really liked the hamburger I ate. I really enjoyed the time I was there because I learned a lot of interesting things from other countries.


    On May 28th, we organized a trip to Madrid to interview foreigners who have come to visit Spain. We went by public transport to Atocha on RENFE, to go to the Queen Sofia museum where we had to gather; there some of us interviewed a Dutchman.

    Then we walked to the Prado Museum, where we parted and went to interview foreigners. Both of us interviewed a woman who came from Maryland (USA), a German couple who liked Spanish football, a Polish who didn't understand us very well and a Dutchman who came from Amsterdam.

    When we finished, we went to have something to McDonald's. Then we went back to the museum's with all our partners. We went to visit a photography exhibition at the Caixa Forum, when we finished, we returned again in RENFE and by bus to Mejorada, if we had wanted to we could have stayed in Madrid.

    We both would repeat the trip again because we found it very interesting and fun, and we enjoyed being able to go on our own.