Thursday, 5 November 2009

14. Raúl describes Víctor

His name is Víctor. He is sixteen. He lives in a city in Madrid Province called Mejorada del Campo, with his parents and his brother, who is younger than him.

He is tall and thin, he has got brown eyes and short black hair and he is very nice and funny.

His favourite food is Spanish Omelet but he can´t cook it though he can cook spaghetti.

His likes playing football and he plays as a goalkeeper and his favourite team is Atlético de Madrid.

His hobby is going out with our friends and he goes out everyday, but when he has to study, he stays at home because he is a good student.

He is good at playing Playstation games and he always beats me.

He hates tiresome people and he dislikes lentejas (lentils).

His special place is his village (Granátula, C.R.) because he has a nice time when he goes there.

He is special because he has a snake, and he is good person and very close to our friends.

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