Thursday, 5 November 2009

17. Juan describes Claudio

My friend is the best football player in Madrid, I would like you to know this. Other hobbies, that he has, are: playing F1 video games, going out with his girlfriend and listening and composing hip hop and rap music. So, he is a very busy and interesting person.

He is very good in playing computer games, specially F1 , where he is racing in a online championship, in the GP2 cathegory. Next season, he is going to race in the F1 cathegory.

He doesn’t usually hate things, but if someone gets on his nerves he gets angry and he might hate everything. He would like to travel or visit all the F1 circuits, pecially Spa-Francochamp, Suzuka and Monaco. He is the most fanatic fan of F1 in the world!.

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