Thursday, 5 November 2009

7. Victor describes Raúl

7. Victor describes Raúl:

His name is Raúl. He is sixteen. He lives in Velilla de San Antonio, which is a town to the South of Madrid, with his parents and his little brother, but he comes to Mejorada del Campo some afternoons to meet our friends, he is very close to our friends.

Raul is tall, he has got brown eyes and short black hair. He is very funny and nice.

His favourite food is spaghetti and he likes cooking them too much.

He likes playing football and he is fan of Atletico de Madrid, just like me.

His hobbies are playing paddle and tennis, another of Raul’s hobbies are cars and motorbikes.

He is good at playing paddle because he plays it every Friday with his uncle.

He hates studying and doing homework.

His special place is Cádiz, because he went there last summer and he had a nice time.

He is special because he has a beautiful blue and black motorbike and he is extremely funny and nice.

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