Thursday, 5 November 2009

21. Alicia describes Patricia

My friend is Patricia. She is 18 years old, she has got brown, long and curly hair, she has got brown eyes and she is tall, slim and very beautiful. She lives in Mejorada del Campo, Madrid with her parents and her brothers. She has had a boyfriend for three years, his name is Álvaro.

She likes going to the cinema and she is going out with her friends, but she hates doing homework and studying.

Her favourite food is paella and she doesn’t like eating beans. She plays tennis every week because it’s her favourite sport, and she doesn’t mind playing football with her boyfriend. Her hobbies are painting, dancing and singing and she loves going out with her friends and her boyfriend.

Her special place is New York and because of that she would like to visit the city. Patricia is a special girl because she always helps you when you are in need.

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