Thursday, 5 November 2009

6. ALBA dercribes PALOMA

I’ve known Paloma since I was 3 years old. First, we weren't friends, but when we were 9, we got to be very good friends. She is blond at the moment and she is tall too. She has always lived in Mejorada. Paloma likes eating chips and she loves dancing in the disco.

I always go with her to cinema to watch scary movies, she likes those films. Paloma hates running because it makes her feel tired, but she doesn't really get tired as quickly as me. She is good at painting, she painted such a powerful angel… and it was so beautiful!

Her special place is Alicante, where she goes on holidays, I went with her twice in Summer and it is great, there, we stayed with her grandmother, who makes great salads. She is special because she has got imagination and she is always happy and never sad. She is talkative and intelligent.

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